STEM stands for Scientific. Technical, Engineering and Mathematics and a STEM course will teach elements from each of these disciplines and ask the students to apply them in order to develop their analytical and problem solving skills. There is not yet a recognised qualification for STEM and this course is for those students who are interested in looking at applying or using the knowledge picked up in these 4 disciplines. The concepts and knowledge covered in this course are based on the KS4 (GCSE) curriculum and intended to last 35 weeks spread over the school year.

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This theme of this years course is based on Living in Space.

We will be looking at the challenges of getting into space, (Physics, Technology and Engineering)

How can we find other planets we can live on (Physics, Engineering, Mathematics and Computing).

We will explore how we can live in space and on other planets. (Technology, Biology, Chemistry).

Problems of communications when any signal takes hours or years to reach its destination. (Technology, Social)




Because of other commitments I will not be starting this course until the beginning of October 2021.

If you need more information on the course click the contact button below to email me.

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