Course Fees

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Course fees can be paid over a six month period and are paid directly to the relevant teacher.

Courses start September 14th 2020 until June 26th 2021.

Administration Fees:

There is an annual registration and admin fee: £50.00 to be paid to the Oxford Teaching Trust Ltd, which is non-refundable.

Pre-IGCSE Fees:

Key stage 3 classes are based on 35 weeks of lessons with a 1 hour class per week.

Key stage 4 classes are based on 35 weeks of lessons with classes being 1 to 3 hours per week.

All science courses are £450, each.

Pre-IGCSE Fees:

We offer a Science Package, which includes:

Total cost: £1200

We offer a English and Maths Package:

Total cost: £700


A 7 subject package:

Total cost: £2500

A Level Fees:

A Level courses will be 3 – 6 hours of lessons per week over 35 weeks.

Science and Maths classes cost: £1700 each.

All other classes cost: £1400 each.

Tutorials Fees

Short Courses

We also offer drop in session classes, known as short courses and invoices are sent at the end of every month.

This includes:

Meditation classes, last for 15 minutes and cost: £1 per student per session.

All other short courses cost: £5 per student per session.