The Oxford teaching trust offers IGCSEs in a variety of IGCSE subjects all listed below. All of our teachers are experienced in secondary and online schooling.

We follow Edexcel’s International GCSE and Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) syllabus.

From September 2020, we will be offering the following subjects for new entry at IGCSE/GCSE level:






All course hours vary between one and two hours. For further details please discuss with your teachers and refer to the timetable. 

If you are interested in part way through any IGCSE or GCSE course, please get in touch with the teacher directly to discuss the options available, including timetable and fees.

How do I enter for a public examination, such as an IGCSE?

It is the parent’s or guardian’s responsibility to enter a student for examinations and they are responsible for the fee levied by the examination board and the examination centre. 

Students based overseas can sit their examinations at the offices of their nearest British Council or other suitable institution – both of the exam boards have further details on their websites – you may find these links helpful:


Below are timetables for September 2020. We have created three timetables for 2020.

  • Pre-IGCSE (Year 9 equivalent.)
  • IGCSE (Year 10 equivalent.)
  • A Level (Year 12 equivalent.)

For further information and registration to the course please click the subject and you will go through to the relevant page. Then use the contact form to connect with the teacher.


There is a one of school administration fee of £50.

For all other information please click here.

Pre-IGCSE Timetable


This course is designed for students who wish to do lessons before stepping into IGCSEs.

We include:


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