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Why choose history?


We all live in a volatile, dynamic and interconnected world; we are all living through significant periods of history right now.


When A-level subject choices arrived, I learned from my mistakes at GCSE and knew that I wanted to do what I enjoyed – history became a must. For my GCSEs, I was encouraged to study subjects I neither love nor had a talent for. Of course I knew I needed to pass them as well as I could. But that was not the same as studying with passion. 

At university I came across a folk in the road. Would I study something vocational that might lead directly to further training in that field, or would I continue to study what inspired me? I realised that I could study history and develop the same skills that were needed for many of the possible vocational courses and if I wanted to I could join the same graduate training schemes at the end of  my degree. Once I realised that the choice became simple and I went with what I loved. 

At university, there were so many subjects, from British political history and reform to 9/11 and Jack the Ripper, Northern Ireland to the Middle East. By the end, I felt I had done a course that had allowed me to ask questions, analyse, debate, speak publicly, research and better understand the world around me. It drove me into a direction of understanding politics, discovering researchers, activists and academics and then being able to look at both sides of a debate. 

Gifts from history

History gave me education rather than training, and it gave me time to discover what I wanted to do. This is vital in making the right career choices and so I am always glad that I chose history. These lessons are invaluable assets, which have given me flexible skills that will stay with me for a lifetime and have helped me to develop into a teacher, and now a businessman.

Skills of analysis are invaluable in many jobs, and the ability to analyse and prioritise information is vital to decision making.

History is great training for these careers. It is a solid foundation for progression into:

  • ✔ law,
  • ✔ journalism,
  • ✔ marketing,
  • ✔ human resources,
  • ✔ management.

As well as the core degree skills, studying history also develops highly desirable soft skills. The academic educational world is currently discussing these subjects and that they should be taught on top of the core subjects. What you quickly realise when studying history is  that many of these skills are embedded into the courses. 

  • ✔ Leadership
  • ✔ Communication 
  • ✔ Creative thinking
  • ✔ Dependability
  • ✔ Work ethic
  • ✔ Teamwork
  • ✔ Positive Attitude
  • ✔ Time management
  • ✔ Motivation
  • ✔ Problem-solving
  • ✔ Conflict resolution
  • ✔ Negotiation

“Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

This often repeated quotation is always pertinent and in our studies of key figures and events we can see how soft skills and used them to great effect when leading countries, revolutions, or military campaigns, or not! We currently plan to offer online lessons in History A levels and iGCSE from this September.

As time passes the further benefits of learning about history have come to the fore. The ability to look at both sides of an argument and draw conclusions has been invaluable in both running a business and sports teams.  To be able to think both creatively and logically and thus problem solve with business issues has aided me and allowed me to push forward to fulfil my goals and those of others. If I do not have the answer, then I know I have the tools to know how and where to research the answers to help me find a reasoned solution. 

This extends to the ability to build relationships both personal and in business. I’m passionate about football, and so learning about the history of most football clubs has been a bonus so I’ve always been able to talk with so many others about their knowledge and love for the sport and thus progress.  With all of these advantages, it is easy to see why you should sign up for a history course.

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