Help For Homeschoolers

With the BBC releasing a report in 2018 that there were an estimated 48,000 students homeschooling in the U.K. we have decided to help those most in need by setting up this webpage up, linked to our teaching co-operative.

Our main aim is to raise money and awareness of Homeschooling and offer support where possible. We know and love the fact that parents who home educate will want to also teach and work with their children. We are here to help in areas of specialist knowledge with the idea of essentially filling in the gaps.

The reasons for homeschooling.

Parents choose homeschooling for a variety of reasons, whether the school can not provide for their specific educational needs, parents wanting to be more involved in the child’s education, travelling the world or bullying.

The consequences:

What happens to the tax money that was meant to go to the student?

What has been a revelation and a surprise is that if the student is taken away from the school and the parent is then fully responsible for the child’s educational needs. This includes the financial side.

We have become aware that parents were having to spend money on exams. With some schools demanding £300 – £500 per iGCSE exam. I could easily see a number of parents having to make hard decisions as to what if any exam their child has to take.

If this was not enough, schools can also reserve the right to allow or refuse the student to take the exam within their school. Meaning that some students might have to travel significant distances and even stay in hotel’s to be able to take a GCSE or A level exam.

We have come to a conclusion that things do need to change and we hope to push and create change in several directions.

Our Aims:

Our first aim is to raise £5000 to allow us to register as a charity.

We then aim to invest money back into students:

We would like to offer laptops.

Bursaries for online courses.

Financial help with exam costs.

Let’s build something together.

Share and Enjoy !

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