We aim to help by offering:

To Evaluate:

  • Content & courses
  • Software & Systems
  • SEO
  • New markets

We Provide:

  • Suggestions of upgrades of systems and software
  • Ideas for development of course
  • Direction for social media expansion
  • Marketing ideas

What do you do?

We are the founders and directors of the Oxford Teaching Trust.

We support online schools across the UK and World to promote British online education.  

Our Motto:

To provide comprehensive online educational business solutions for our clients.

Who are you?

My name is Alex Kerr, better known as The Oxfordshire History Teacher due to the YouTube channel and online school I started in 2018. I have a B.A. in History, from Oxford Brookes, a PGCE in Teaching from the Institute of Education, a UEFA B coaching Licence from the Football Association and a Diploma in Sports Management and Business from the Johann Cryuff Institute, Barcelona. I am also an author of several books including the IGCSE books, The Changing Nature of Warfare, The Vietnam Conflict and a travel guide to Sicily. I have also lived in Brazil and Italy and have a smattering of both Portuguese and Italian.

My name is Jason Kerr and I started working in marketing and S.E.O. development 15 years ago and have specialised in educational marketing since 2016. I have worked with my brother to develop both his site and multiple businesses, so as to maximise their potential through SEO and website development.