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We offer Biology IGCSE and A Level.

We live in a period of history where biology has never been so important. It is a forever advancing subject area with great relevance to addressing global challenges from disease to climate change. The study of living things has undergone extensive expansion in recent years, and topics such as cell biology, evolutionary biology and ecology, are advancing at a great pace. Biology IGCSE and A Level as a taught subject has changed significantly as new advances are made in our understanding of DNA and genetics. All the exam boards, including CIE, have largely the same content – for example, they all cover the circulatory system, gas exchange, the nervous system, the kidney, the cell, biochemistry, genetics, evolution, and ecology. For all exam boards, the understanding and knowledge of practical work are also assessed on written papers which can now be studied online. Biology IGCSE and A Level is a very popular subject that is often taken to provide variety alongside humanities and physical sciences.  As one of the Russell Group approved subjects it supports applications for any university course as well as for the large range of biological sciences including psychology, and neuroscience.   What are the advantages of learning Biology iGCSE and A Level?
  •         You understand the big picture to large scale problems.
  •         You learn how to solve social, environmental and economic issues.
  •         You learn about curing common diseases.
  •         You gain a better understanding of living things.
  •        You can build a career in many different directions:
A doctor, engineer, nurse, chemist, scientist, teacher, environmentalist, researcher, etc.   What I love about biology? Biology is astonishing. The student finds themselves learning about the world they live in and the body which encompasses them. Its beautiful, intelligent and precise detail and workings marvel the student and inspire them to learn and know more. The student of biology observes plants and trees with varied shapes and colours and textures. The environment with its mountains, hills volcanoes rivers and lakes. The student of biology also observes the complicated organelles found within each of the cells that make up the organs in the organ systems which power humans. If you would like to know more about the course or would like to register please get in contact using the contact form below.  

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