Alex Kerr B.A

Founder and Director

Alex Kerr is the founder of the school. Founded in 2018 and it has steadily grown and we are now offering multiple subjects. He has been teaching history, politics and sport science for over 11 years. He also holds a degree in History, a PGCE and a UEFA B licence.

During the lockdown Oxford Teaching Trust presents:

Symposiums, for the rebellious child.

We will learn and discuss the ethics of life, love, beauty, courage, art and morals, putting students in life situations and debating what they think is acceptable.

Oxford Teaching Trust presents:

An adult evening class on Jack the Ripper.

Spread over three classes you will become a Ripper detective. As well as the classes, you’ll receive vital new clues and information daily on murders, suspects and the taunting Ripper letters that Jack is sending you, to discuss and develop your theories.

What I teach:

  • History
  • Politics
  • Philosophy
  • Sports Science
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